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Memorial Torah

The Torah came from. Pinkas Synagogue in Prague  and was written at the end of the 19th Century.
It is one of 1564 Torahs saved from destruction during the occupation of the Nazis in Prague from 1939-45.
The Torahs were brought to Westminster Synagogue in England in 1964.
Some torahs were able to be repaired and some were beyond repair. Our Torah was not able to be repaired and though it is Pasul it is housed in a prominent place in the front of our shul, to the left of the main Aron Hakodesh and is used every year at Simchat Torah as we dance with the torahs.
A new mantel was donated by the Cooper family in 1979 when we received our Torah  on permanent loan., only one year after forming our congregation by our founding members in 1977.

Mon, September 23 2019 23 Elul 5779