Torat Achim Initiative

Torat Achim Initiative


October 24, 2024    
12:00 am

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We are beginning the 2nd season of Torat Achim – our annual initiative of Torah learning from Shavuot to Simchat Torah. 

We have 5 offerings:

1) Fundamentals “Summer Book Club” reading To Heal a Fractured World by R’ Lord Jonathan Sacks

2) Mishna Tractate Chullin towards a Bergen County siyum in conjunction with the Kerem Shalom on Seder Kodshim in memory of the members of Kerem Shalom who lost their lives protecting the kibbutz on Oct. 7th at 5pm at the home of Chayim and Chava Goldberg

3) Tzurba M’rabanan (women’s chabura) studying the laws of bikur cholim – vol. 3 on Shabbat afternoon at 5:00pm.

4) Tzurba M’rabanan (men’s chabura)

5) Gemara: Beginner/intermediate chabura weekly learning of the laws of Returning lost objects in the 2nd Chapter of Bava Metzia, Monday nights 8pm

Please sign up here:

Thanks to Zadies Bakeshop for sponsoring the volumes of to Heal a Fractured World. Sign up above to redeem your free copy of the book. 

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