Tot Shabbat (Children Pre-k & Younger)

Doors open at 10am for this 0-3ish parent-and-me room. Trucks, books, animals, blocks and a bunch of other toys keep everyone busy (and give the parents some time to schmooze) until the curtain goes up for Modeh Ani at 10:30 AM. Our wonderful y

outh leader, Perri takes us through all the greatest hits (“Dinosaur Knocking At My Door,” “On My Way to Shul,” and even a few fun clips of davening), until we join the other groups and head upstairs to lead the entire shul in Adon Olam with all the other groups. In the summer months, we enjoy some fun outside in the sun!


Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Doors open at 9 AM for structured free play, during which time kids can enjoy building, board games and imaginary play. At 9:45 AM we enjoy davening followed by Parsha questions, along with snacks and prizes! Children in this group have the opportunity to earn tickets for their participation and can redeem them for exciting prizes all throughout the year! At the end of groups we head upstairs to lead the entire shul in Adon Olam!


Middle School Groups

Beginning at 9:45 AM, our middle school group combines Torah learning, Divrei Torah and Tefillah with game time. Teens in this group enjoy board games, socializing and snacks.


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