High Holidays

High Holidays

Our inspiring High Holiday services are led by Rabbi Ely Shestack, who also serves as Ba’al Tefillah. Rabbi Shestack is a former member of the Maccabeats, and his davening reflects his instense spirituality and powerful connection to the liturgy.

Our High Holiday davening includes both traditional and modern melodies that encourage active participation in the service. Rabbi Shestack creates audio files of new music prior to Rosh Hashana so that all can feel comfortable and involved in the davening experience. Click here to listen to the melodies introduced into our davening by Rabbi Shestack.

Below is a listing of Rabbi Shestak’s upcoming dvrei torah on Shabbat Shuva and Yom Kippur:

Shabbat Shuva: “Modern vs. Traditional Teshuva: Who Has It Right? Contemplating the Role of Fear and Shame in the Teshuva Process”
Kol Nidrei: “Hurray! It’s Yom Kippur!: Appreciating the Gift of the Day”
Yizkor Drasha: “Digging Deep: Paroah as the Paradigm for Penitence”
Ne’ilah: “Ko Amar Hashem: So Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want”

We welcome both members and non-members to daven with us, but we ask that you reserve your seats in advance. Our policy is never to turn people away for financial reasons. We invite people who need discounted seats to speak in confidence to Rabbi Shestack or the Gabbai.

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